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Edmonton Riverview DSM - Who Do You Trust?

Hi everybody;

As President of the Edmonton Riverview PC Association of Alberta, I would like to present the slate of delegates I feel you should vote for at the Edmonton Riverview Delegate Selection Meeting tonight at 6 PM.

For the most part, the individuals listed below are long time board members who have been engaged in the constituency for quite a while. Above all, they represent the type of individual who would best be able to represent Edmonton Riverview and vote for the right leader of our party next March in Calgary.

We all have our own favorites who we want to be the next PCAA leader. However, the people on the list below are the ones who truly know the real issues and are best positioned to vote for the right person.

After all, that is EXACTLY why we choses this “Delegate” method of voting instead of membership method. 

Finally, remember we lost the last election because voters did not trust us. In the next election, the winner will be the person who is trusted the most.

So when you vote tonight ask yourself who that will be.

Then vote for your delegate accordingly!

Here is our slate:

Edmonton Riverview PC Association of Alberta Slate of Delegates to Vote for:

  • Wendy Kinsella
  • John Janssen
  • Collen Martin
  • Michael Marano
  • Robert Losie
  • Andrew Holko
  • George Moss
  • Donald Grimble
  • Wendy Andrews
  • John Adams
  • Larry Brox
  • Emad El-Zein
  • Emly Anderson
  • Dylan Schoonover
  • Andrew Wagstaff

I encourage you to call me at the numbers below if you would like to discuss this email. See you soon!

Greg  Michetti, President
Edmonton Riverview PC Association of Alberta
c\o Suite 200; 17834 – 106 Ave. Edmonton, AB, Canada T5S 1V4
Office: 780.463.1918 EXTENSION 10; DIRECT LINE: 780.702.4211; Fax: 780.665.0227 ; Cell 780.995.0261


Notice of Delegate Selection Meeting for PCAA Leadership

Edmonton Riverview
December 2, 2016 – 6:00 PM
PCAA Edmonton Offices
16745 – 111th Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5M 2S4

If interested in becoming a delegate for the upcoming leadership in Calgary, Alberta on March 17-19, 2017 please send a notice of interest to Katherine O’Neill at leadership@edmontonriverview.com by November 24, 2016 at 11:59pm. Delegate Nominees and voters must attend the meeting in person, meet all eligibility requirements and hold a membership by at least November 18, 2016 in order to be a delegate or vote.

More details available at www.pcalberta.org

Call Greg Michetti for more information 780.702.4211 or email at greg@michetti.com