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Anybody remember the final cost of Rogers Place? Well, the overall project was $604 million but the arena itself was $480 million.  Now hold that thought. Under the NDP, the Province of Alberta’s deficit was $8 billion for each of the last two years.  That is a loss of $667 million every month. That is the equivalent of 1.6 Rogers Place. Every month.

Of course, spending the equivalent of 1.6 RP per year is fine when you have plenty of money coming in. It’s not so fine when you don’t. Now I’ve heard the “We-have-a-revenue” problem argument and admittedly, there is some truth to that. However, the Permian Basin area of Texas and New Mexico (New Mexico!) is booming with $70 BBL oil.

Alberta too, could do well at $70 but an unfriendly investor climate coupled with unnecessary red tape, and a surprise carbon tax scares away capital. In other words, there’s no trust.

So how do you restore trust? Easy – elect a sensible, practical, fiscally responsible government like the Jason Kenney-led United Conservative Party.

Thankfully, we have that chance in next May’s Provincial Election.  But we need your help. Show your support by signing up for a membership or by making a donation. Better yet, come to our next Edmonton Riverview UCP Board meeting and join me and my fellow board members in our fight to halt the frivolous NDP spending, point our province in the correct economic direction and restore trust all around.  Email me with any questions or concerns at



The nomination period during which candidates may be nominated and stand for election has not yet been set by the Party, but shall be soon. To date, two excellent candidates for the nomination candidate for Edmonton Riverview UCP have stepped forward. Shawn McLeod was the first. Shawn, lives in the Crestwood neighborhood, and may be contacted at: or phone: 780 717- 5492. Karamarie Barker has also entered the nomination race. Karamarie is a Crown Prosecutor for the Department of Justice and Solicitor General – Province of Alberta and may be contacted at: 587 985-7149 or Feel free to reach out to Shawn and Karamarie to ask where each stand on the issues. For those who have interest in seeking the nomination as candidate for Edmonton Riverview’s UCP in next spring’s Provincial election, please contact Edmonton Riverview Nomination Committee Chairman, Gil Whyte at


GRETA WIERENGA, Edmonton Regional Director for the United Conservative Party

Earlier this year, in April, Jason Nixon moved the following in the Legislature: “Be it resolved that the Legislative Assembly urge the government not to proceed with any further increases to the carbon tax until Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion project has completed construction and commenced commercial operations.”

The Legislative session continued on with an extended exchange about points of order, including an NDP MLA explaining that, by rubbing his eye, he was not indicating that the UCP house leader was a crybaby, but that he just happened to have something in his eye. It is unfortunate the NDP did not support the motion, considering the federal court’s recent decision to deny approval of the pipeline. In response to this decision, Premier Notley announced that Alberta will not implement further increases to the carbon tax – the very motion that the UCP had put forward in April.

This response covers up the real problem – the carbon tax should not exist at all. It was touted as a way to provide ‘social license’, aka public approval, so the pipeline could move forward, but this ideological viewpoint was built on optimism and daydreams, not on facts about the tax or the pipeline. Jason Kenney stated, “…Alberta’s NDP has been wrong from day one in promising pipeline construction as a result of punishing Albertans with a carbon tax.”

As Albertans, we have a challenge ahead in getting construction on the pipeline started, regardless of which party is in power. However, a UCP government will be starting with the right foundation and understanding, led by a leader with the experience to know that getting the pipeline built will take hard work, not wishful thinking.



Jason Kenney with Edm. Centre Conservative candidate James Cumming & spouse Debbie
Jason Kenney with Edm. Centre Conservative candidate James Cumming & spouse Debbie

Jason Kenney With Riding resident Elliot Rose
Jason Kenney With Riding resident Elliot Rose

With the smell of Fall in the air, and with local fans hopeful for an Eskimo redemption victory over CFL rivals the Stamps, Jason Kenny hosted a much appreciated and well attended pre-game Tailgate BBQ on Saturday 8 September, 2018, at Commonwealth Stadium. The burgers were ‘AAA’, the company fantastic, the atmosphere super positive, and all who attended had a great time as the photos attest. Many thanks to Jason Kenney, all the organizers and volunteers for their hard work, and all those who came out to make it such a terrific event. Bodes well for 2019!



With a May 2019 election in the air, the NDP drumbeats of self-assessed economic success and “we did all that we could to support pipelines” beat ever more loudly. As such, we must prepare ourselves to speak truth to fiction.

The primary NDP claims regarding their fiscal/economic good management are that jobs are up, and deficit “down’. Sadly, many of the private sector jobs are either part time, or, if full-time jobs, replacement oil-based wage jobs with lower wage jobs. Not a recipe for success. Regarding the deficit, it beggars belief for the NDP to argue that a 2018 planned $9B deficit coming in at ‘only’ to $8B, is a $1B ‘saving’. It’s this math that has put the Province in the bind that it is in. The facts are clear. Notley’s recessionary plan consisted of hiring an untold number of civil servants (10 – 20,000, more?); run annual 5.5% budget increases, and incur annual $8-10B deficits (yielding a total Provincial debt currently in excess of $60B, and which the School of Public Policy calculates will hit $90B by 2023). At that level, the School of Public Policy calculates that interest payments will hit at least $3.8B per year, to be borne inequitably by our youth, who will bear an estimated additional $42,000 tax burden over their lifetime just to pay debt interest. How this qualifies as progress remains a mystery.

Compounding this assault on the Province’s finances is the burden of significantly increased regulation, undermining investment confidence and making Alberta an ever less attractive place to invest. Alberta made its way in the world by creating the ‘Alberta advantage’; that is, the fostering an investment friendly environment through competitive tax rates, implementing only regulations truly necessary, and a willingness to collaborate with business. This supported a wealth creating, job rich environment which fairly rewarded investors; created high wage employment for tens of thousands of Albertans and others, and provided ample wealth to underwrite fair taxation which supported necessary social services to meet actual needs of Albertans.

The NDP concept seems to be premised on the unspoken belief that investment capital has no legs and by some mystical process is obliged to remain in Alberta which allows the NDP to tax at will, and distribute the take by those who know best at the NDP’s social engineering department. Hence, Alberta has moved from a low tax environment to one of the highest on the continent; a heavily regulated (with fear of more to come) jurisdiction; and one where no serious effort is made to engage with business on matters of common concern.

The people of Alberta expect and are entitled to effective action, and results, not hope plans. Ms. Notley’s efforts regarding our oil industry have simply not worked. It is time to make way for Jason Kenney, and the UCP, as the best means by which to ensure that Alberta’s focus is on doing the work that needs to be done to return our province to being the most wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

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