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September 2018 | Issue



Anybody remember the final cost of Rogers Place? Well, the overall project was $604 million but the arena itself was $480 million.  Now hold that thought. Under the NDP, the Province of Alberta’s deficit was $8 billion for each of the last two years.  That is a loss of $667 million every month. That is the equivalent of 1.6 Rogers Place. Every month.

Of course, spending the equivalent of 1.6 RP per year is fine when you have plenty of money coming in. It’s not so fine when you don’t. Now I’ve heard the “We-have-a-revenue” problem argument and admittedly, there is some truth to that. However, the Permian Basin area of Texas and New Mexico (New Mexico!) is booming with $70 BBL oil.

Alberta too, could do well at $70 but an unfriendly investor climate coupled with unnecessary red tape, and a surprise carbon tax scares away capital. In other words, there’s no trust.

So how do you restore trust? Easy – elect a sensible, practical, fiscally responsible government like the Jason Kenney-led United Conservative Party.

Thankfully, we have that chance in next May’s Provincial Election.  But we need your help. Show your support by signing up for a membership or by making a donation. Better yet, come to our next Edmonton Riverview UCP Board meeting and join me and my fellow board members in our fight to halt the frivolous NDP spending, point our province in the correct economic direction and restore trust all around.  Email me with any questions or concerns at

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